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Family Law Current Events Guide

Best ways to find the right divorce attorney. American divorce law has changed greatly in the last 50 years. Divorces were costly and difficult to obtain before 1950 in the United States.
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Today’s more modern “No Fault” laws make obtaining a divorce a simpler process. Some people don’t even use an attorney to file for divorce. However, most people prefer to have a lawyer who can protect their interests. How can you locate a reliable, affordable divorce lawyer?

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Do you want to base this critical decision only on the limited facts from a phone book advertisement? A different way to find your divorce lawyer is using one of our free attorney referral services (see sidebar) Our free lawyer referral networks will be a big help in your search for an attorney. These referral services are familiar with the background and fees of the lawyers they work with.

Once you’ve found a lawyer, carefully discuss and review their fees and services. Be watchful of flat rate divorce lawyers. If your case is complicated or extended, they may be forced to spend more time on other, easier cases. We hope you found this article and the accompanying links useful. Good luck to you!

Lastly, on a related note, While in the 1960s and 1970s there was little difference among socioeconomic groups in divorce rates, diverging trends appeared starting around 1980.

Also, on another related note, Divorce may have become an entitlement for couples who are don't want to work out their problems or are merely tired of their mate.
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